Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Many years ago when I was a teenager, this James Taylor song was one of my favorite. (I know I'm dating myself but that's ok. I'm proud to say I'm 50.) Anyway, I still know most of the words and love to sing it if ever I hear it. Today, I talked on the phone with a relatively new friend I've "met" on Twitter (@Aliveinme). Heather (aka Hetty) lives in Chandler, AZ so of course, we have never physically met (yet) but we have talked several times on the phone and talk often via Twitter. As soon as I began following her on Twitter, I felt an immediate connection. She loves Jesus with all her heart and has an awesome testimony, being epileptic from birth and has undergone multiple brain surgeries to alleviate her seizures. The last one was Feb. 12, 2010. Praise the Lord! She has come down from taking seven meds to taking two so far, and is seizure free. I've met another lady on Twitter, and yes, we have physically met because she lives in Orange Park, just minutes away. Again, I felt an instant connection with Monique (@inspiredmomma). I'm amazed how everyone talks about these "social medias" and how they keep us from having real friendships, and yet, those two ladies are examples of being able to develop REAL friendships. I do need to give God the credit. He is the source of the bond I feel with both of these ladies.

So, anyway...I thought about Jesus and how He is so.our.friend. and really, truly does care for us. Some of my favorite verses concerning friend(s) or friendship are the following: "Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My Father I have made known to you." John 15:13-15 NKJV I have some really amazing friends, but honestly, as much as they love me, I'm not sure they'd be willing to die for me like Jesus did. I love this song (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z5cgajl1Kg&feature=related). I think the first time I really heard it was at Children's Camp when I went several years ago but we just sang in for worship this past Sunday at Promise Land (http://www.promiselandbaptist.org). It is amazing though, isn't it?

If you do a topical search on FRIEND(S) you'll get 47 hits, 12 hits on FRIENDSHIP and 19 hits for instances of FRIENDSHIP. (source: Nave's Topical Bible on http://biblegateway.com). If you do a keyword search on FRIEND(S) you'll get 112 hits and 2 hits on FRIENDSHIP (source: http://biblegateway.com; NKJV). That's a lot of verses on the subject. I think it's pretty important to God.

One thing for sure, we all need friends. First of all, we need Jesus. He is the one who was willing to lay down His life for us, but we need each other. Take a moment to tell the ones in your lives who are special to you. Don't take them for granted. Life can throw us some curves and very quickly.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Christmas is here...three more days!! Are all the presnets wrapped? Did I miss anyone? What about the food? What are we having for the family when they come over Christmas Eve? What are we taking Christmas day? Make a list...be sure not to miss something.

I have to think... whether we are ready or not - the day will come. It will happen!! Most of us are frazzled because we've waited far too long to get started. Seems like we are disconnected to the day on the calendar and all of a sudden, OMG, it's only a week away. Oh no!! Now it's three. We think we have time and suddenly time has run out.

Sad to say, for some this is how their eternity will play out. They go through the motions, doing so many things, making time for the things they want to do, putting off things they don't like to do. They think there's always tomorrow. But tomorrow doesn't always come. Recently a friend of mine lost a co-worker who was diagnosed with cancer suddenly and told she had less than a week. She was gone in six days. A couple of weeks ago I read where someone lost their 2 year old; another lost their 18 year old. Their tomorrows never came. Ours may not as well. This is it!! Make the most of it now. Spend time with your children. Tell your spouses how much they mean to you.

There is one more thing you need to do if you haven't done so already...meet Jesus TODAY. Tomorrow you may not be able to. It may never come for you and without Jesus, your existence will be darkness, pain and lonliness. Let Him come into your heart. Let Him forgive you for all the wrong you've done and let Him change your life. Let Him give you peace and hope. Let Him give you purpose and direction. We celebrate His birthday at Christmas. He humbled Himself to be born in a dirty manger. He later humbled Himself to take the weight of your sin and my sin so that we could live with Him in heaven. Of all the gifts you will unwrap in just a few days, He is the greatest gift you could receive. Give Him your heart. You'll be so glad you did!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Do you get on FaceBook and do you Twitter? What's it all about? I get on FaceBook and Twitter for two entirely different reasons. I first signed up for both but found Twitter to be unfulfilling. Not everyone I followed, followed me so I eventually made my account inactive and focused on FaceBook.

FaceBook has been a lot of fun. Seeing what everyone is doing. The things they say, the places they go. I'm able to see vacation and party pictures. One day Terry mentioned someone's name. I quickly said, "They're on vacation. Do you want to know how I know? FaceBook." I was so proud of myself. But really, people who are friends with me on FaceBook, I do consider friends but don't see them often or maybe I'm not in their inner circle of friends but we're still friends so I'm interested in what they're doing, saying, etc. I'm friends with people from my old church that I don't see. I'm friends with out-of-town family. I found out about a death in the family on FaceBook before the phones started ringing. That's what FaceBook is about; being in touch with people you see often or maybe not, but just making a connection that I probably wouldn't otherwise make. I love that!!

Twitter? Well, I recently activated my account again but took a different approach this time. I primarily, but not entirely, follow people who state in their profile they are Christians and most of them blog but not all. Most of them I do not know personally and live in other areas of the country. I can sit for 30 minutes or more and read 100 Tweets. Probably 70% of them are full of scripture or links to their blogs or other peoples' blogs. It has been a great source of encouragement reading scripture, something about scripture they've just read, about their lives or how God is working in their lives. Sometimes I will "retweet", and I'm sure the "retweets" feed to FaceBook so my friends over there can be "encouranged" also. Sometimes people will ask for prayer. Often times I stop and say a prayer for that specific need, then tweet back to let them know someone read their request and did, in fact, pray for them. Isn't that cool? Pray for someone you don't know personally, somewhere else in the country, possibly international but God hears that prayer and knows THAT person by name.

So are you on FaceBook? Do you Twitter? If so, I'm curious why? Send me a comment!!

Romans 1:12 Be mutually encouraged by each other's faith... HCB

Friday, November 13, 2009


It's been almost six months since I last sat down to write anything. One reason is I began a different blog doing daily verse devotions (www.mspicer.wordpress.com) but even that I stopped. A lot has happened in the last several months. I turned 50 in July; had major surgery in August and began a new job in September - actually went back to a job I love...working at my church. If you go back and read older posts you would see where I was struggling, praying and hoping God would answer my prayers on a specific issue. The job was the issue. God knows I am not patient; in fact I wrote about patience one day but God forced me to be patient. It was not easy. I never really got the hang of waiting (ha-ha) but He is always in control so whether I liked it or not, I did have to wait. He has blessed me greatly, though, and I am so grateful. One of the other new things in my life is I began working with the 4-5 year olds at my church on Wednesday nights. Due to recovering from surgery, Wednesday nights have been physically hard on me. It's not that I'm doing anything terribly physical but for some reason, I am sooo drained and tired when I get home. But where I am physically tired, I can say that it has beem spiritually very rewarding. I have a great group of workers and the kids are so sweet, lively but very sweet. I have recovered pretty well from surgery (it's been about 2 1/2 months as I write). I can't say I feel completely ok but so much better and know I am getting closer everyday. Now it is time to sit back down at the computer and begin to focus again on my walk with the Lord. I never really have been a writer before but I do find it helps to put my thoughts down in a more formal manner and to acknowledge what God is doing in my life. I think writing helps me to focus more because it causes me to really think on what is going on in my life. My desire is to always have the focus on Jesus because of what He has done in my life. So...here I am getting back in the game, if you will. Asking God to speak to me as I seek Him.

Friday, May 1, 2009


It's hard to believe it's been a month since I last posted a blog. Time really flies. I'm busy but I know most of y'all are way busier than me with work, spouses and children. I don't see how you do it all. Being busy is one of the greatest tricks of Satan. If we stay so busy, chances are we're not spending time with God. Well, maybe we're rushing through a daily devotional or daily Bible reading but most of us don't really spend true, quality time with God.

Last weekend I had the good sense to go to Just Give Me Jesus with Ann Graham Lotz. It was awesome. I wasn't quite sure what to expect. I'd been to see Beth Moore when she was last here but I've never really been to a Women's conference, unless you want to count our annual Women's Retreats at church. This was time well spent. Ann began Friday evening telling the story of Jesus. It was so thorough and complete. Her words painted the picture and took you right there. When the invitation was given, many went down and accepted Christ.

Saturday was very unique. Ann had the first and third session. They were both so rich and full of wonderful examples and information concerning studying God's Word, and I took quite a few notes. For me, the highlight of the day was Jill Briscoe. We spent over an hour in prayer with thanksgiving, confession and intercession for needs both in our own lives and in the lives of others. She calls them thank you prayers, sorry prayers and please prayers. I like that...very simple and easy for me to remember. A lot of the time I spend mostly in please prayers. I have been reminded how to have a "well-balanced" prayer life. That the structure of this conference would include such a significant time spent on prayer was amazing to me. The fact that this conference was "free" and depends on offerings and contributions taken during the conference, as well as other sponsorships, was also amazing. But as Leslie Lewis said, since Billy Graham is her father, she certainly has had the best example.

So I said all of this to say...I know it's a huge commitment to go to a conference like this, Friday evening 7-9 pm and Saturday 8:30-5pm. But it is so well worth it. Make time to learn and grow in your relationship with God. I don't care if you are a new Christian or have been saved for years, we need times like this to refresh, refocus and recommit. I've never read any of Ann's books but she is an accomplished author. All I can say is if she writes anything like she spoke and told the story of Jesus Friday evening, reading her books will also be time well spent. I will not soon forget Just Give Me Jesus!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I recently started reading Beth Moore's book "Breaking Free." I've got my seatbelt on for this one. While I chose the book "for someone else" (quote-unquote) I have a feeling God has a lot to show me "for me."

Here's a few quotes from Beth Moore in the book...
"I want it [the message of this book] to pull at your life so powerfully that the bondage of mediocre discipleship will never again be acceptable."
"A Christian is held captive by anything that hinders the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God planned for him or her."
"I was the worst kind of captive: a prisoner unaware."
"God wants to do in your life what your mind has never conceived."

Recently Renee R. posted a song on FaceBook that has had a powerful affect on my life by Matthew West called "The Motions." What a song!?! Here are some of the words..."This might hurt/I don't want to go through the motions/Your all consuming passion/what if I had given you everything?/just ok is not enough." Here's the link...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qaHmiFaX_pk.

Kevin C. twitted this quote earlier today..."The difference between where you are & where God wants you to be may be the painful decision you refuse to make." - Craig Groeschel

Seems like there is a similar message God is giving me from several sources. What if I had given everything? What in my life is keeping me from the abundant and effective Spirit-filled life God has planned for me? Just ok is not enough. I want to be different. I want to be where God wants me to be. I'm going deeper with God!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I've been reading in Leviticus the last few days. God's really laying down the law. All I'm saying is I'm glad to be bought and paid for and freed from the law. I said this to Terry: "There's so many rules in Levitcus. Did you know we wouldn't be able to eat shrimp if we were under the law?" His response: "Aren't you glad you aren't Jewish?" Being Jewish has nothing to do with it. It's all about Jesus! I'm glad I'm not lost.

Hebrews 7:11 "The people were given the law concerning the system of priests from the tribe of Levi, but they could not be made perfect through that system. So there was a need for another priest to come..." (NCV)

Hebrews 7:26-27 "Jesus is the kind of high priest we need. He is holy, sinless, pure, not influenced by sinners, and He is raised above the heavens. He is not like the other priests who had to offer sacrifices every day, first for their own sins, and then for the sins of the people. Christ offered His sacrifice only once and for all time when He offered himself." (NCV)

Man, forget all those rules I can't follow anyway. Too many! Just give me Jesus!! Free to follow Him with the power of the Holy Spirit. Not on my own power. I'd end up back in bondage but with the forgiveness of Jesus and help of the Holy Spirit, I can live for Him according to His Word and the guidance of the Spirit to the best of my ability.

Lord, help me to serve you with freedom in a way that brings honor to you!! Thank you for being willing to pay that sacrifice for me. Knowing me as you do, you know I'm hopeless but with the gift of Your Spirit, my life CAN honor You!